New Series Marks Sheen's Perfect Comeback

New Series Marks Sheen's Perfect Comeback

Watch Anger Management

Charlie Sheen is commonly known as as a stereotypical Hollywood star - neurotic beyond bounds, but loved by many. This is quite plainly because of his hilarity in "Two and A Half Men", where he played a hedonistic bachelor having to put up with an uptight brother and his little boy, who has yet to grow up.

Two and a Half Men was one of the most highest rated comedy sitcoms of its era, and went on to become lauded by the New York Times as "the greatest comedy show of the last decade".

Two and a Half Men's great streak on Primetime however, was cut short after 9 seasons, mainly because of Sheen's addictions. Charlie sunk down into the grip of drug addiction, and openly lambasted the show's creator, Chuck Lorre. Sheen's and Lorre's fight combined with Sheen's drug addiction, caused the staff to think Sheen was too much. The argument in between Sheen and Lorre climbed to new proportions, as well as Sheen's addictive problems, and Sheen was let go, his character swapped, and Sheen was laid low in the view of the public, with his addiction still undergoing treatment, and his anger towards his old's show's creator still raging.

 For quite a while after, it looked like Sheen's career was moving nowhere fast. Sheen continued to battle his former peers in lawsuits, openly lambast his old group, and in most cases seem angry and sour towards anyone involved.

But at present, it seems like Charlie's career has had a revival while under the cable tv network FX, together with a fresh show called "Anger Management". The parallels among Two and a Half Men and Anger Management ended up being glaring, to say the least. Sheen still played himself (as Sheen always does) as a therapist named Charlie, with complications coming frequently from the shallow women in his life, and this time, his clientele, and his ex-wife. Sheen has a team of subjects who are typically as funny as he is, all with distinct emotional problems which Sheen endeavors to repair in spite of the turmoil in his life.

If one assumed that Anger Managemernt would be just as comical as the previous show, one would be accurate. The folks backing the tv show wanted to take a look at the the show's effect on network ratings, ahead of constructing any new promises about season renewal.

 But for all us Charlie Sheen enthusiasts, there without a doubt has been redemption. Anger Management in its 1st season alone has an average viewing of 4.5 million viewers and has just been extended for 90 more episodes , which implies that it will we will be having more and more Sheen for many years to come. With any luck this time around he will curb his drug addiction long enough to outlive Two and a Half Men.

Watch Anger Management

Anger Management stars Charlie Sheen, Selma Blair, Shawnee Smith, Brett Butler, Michael Arden, Noureen DeWulf, and Derek Richardson, and there no doubt will be many more guest appearances by famous people which has yet to be revealed. In later episodes, Martin Sheen takes on the role of Charlie's father, and Denise Richards, Charlie's ex wife, has already guest starred in the show. It may be viewed on FX network, please check local time listings to see when it is showing within your specific area.

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